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In This Moment Sample Sunday #2

He’d convinced me.

Verse had effortlessly talked me into doing something I hadn’t done since coming down with the flu two years ago. His soothing alto had only had to ask twice before I agreed to play hooky and spend the day with him. My plan had been to wake up early enough for Keem to take me home so I could get ready for work. Instead, I spent my morning with moans on my lips and my hands fisted in the sheets while Keem was somewhere in my house packing an overnight bag.

The thought of Keem freely walking through my home and handling my delicates didn’t seem to bother me as much as it would’ve a few weeks ago. I was getting used to his steady, silent presence. He might not like me, but Verse’s protection seemed to currently extend to me and I was grateful for it.

Don’t get me wrong, though. He always scared the shit out of me simply because of how menacing he looked at any given moment. I’d hate to be on the receiving end of his wrath.

“You good over there?”

I tore my gaze from the passing building, eyeing Verse as he comfortably maneuvered through the streets. This was my first time seeing him behind the wheel. Keem was always the one who chauffeured us around.

I smiled and nodded, feeling a sense of elation and happiness. My entire body just felt light. Since being in his presence yesterday, other than my mini breakdown, I was on cloud nine. I hadn’t smoked shit or allowed a touch of alcohol to cross my lips but just being with him had me on a high I’ve never felt before.

I was happy. He made me happy.

I couldn’t remember the last time I genuinely felt that. Pure happiness and contentment.

When he rolled the sporty, two-seater to a stop at a red light, his hand reached over. Butterflies erupted in my stomach when he cupped the inside of my thigh, squeezing it affectionately. The sudden surge of lust I felt should have me ashamed, but I wasn’t. This was a feeling that only he brought out of me and I was learning, albeit slowly, how to embrace it rather than run from it.

I grabbed the hand on my thigh, rotating it until I could link our fingers. His brows lifted as he ogled our joined hands, glanced up at my face, before looking back at our entwined limbs.

“Aaaaah, shit. I’m wearing you down.”

I rolled my eyes, fighting my smile. “Why’d you ditch your sidekick today?”

“Sidekick?” His brows furrowed in the middle. “Who, Keem?” At my short nod, he laughed. “I gave him the day off. He deserved a break.”

“Hmm. It’ll be weird without his quiet ass creeping on us all day.”

Another vibrant laugh left his lips. “Don’t do my guy like that. He’s loyal and that’s all that matters.”

I hummed but kept quiet. We rode in a comfortable silence for a while longer before he broke it. “My sister teaches at SFU. I might’ve mentioned that you work for SOTA. She got all hype and shit, wondering if you would come do a lecture for her class. I told her I’d run it by you.”

I sat up in my seat, allowing my conflicting feelings to wage war in my chest. Elation because I loved interacting with young minds and getting to speak with young, black students who had the same love for art and history like I did.

The second emotion was nervousness. I was just now getting comfortable with admitting my feelings for him. And though this was a professional opportunity, meeting his sister would be a big step. There’s no way she would pass on this opportunity to size me up and inspect the woman her brother was involved with.

Instead of voicing my concerns, I nodded. “Sure.”

“Yeah?” His voice rose with inflection just as his brows did. I could understand his skepticism. I’d never been the most open with him so I could understand him being unsure about my feelings.

“Yes. I don’t just curate for SOTA. I get invited to do lectures and host seminars all the time.”

“Your mean ass be up there teaching people?”

I laughed at the disbelief in his voice. “I’m not mean!” I was, more often than not, but whatever.

My lids drooped when he lifted our conjoined hands to kiss the back of mine. He let it rest there for a moment before continuing. “I know, baby. You’re not mean. Just guarded. I’m cool with that as long as you keep letting me in. Fuck everybody else.”

Every time I thought I was getting in a comfortable space with how he made me feel, he did or said something to ramp it up. His touch was potent, his words intoxicating, and his presence an elixir for whatever ailed me.

I couldn’t get enough of… him.

“Where are we going?” I finally asked when he drove further and further away from the city.

He shrugged and even that caused a dampness in my panties that had me shifting in my seat. I was sick for him. If I wasn’t so enamored, I’d be concerned about needing to get my head checked. This attraction, this infatuation, whatever the hell it was, had me wanting to compromise everything I swore not to do.

Fall hard and fast for a man whose net worth eclipsed mine many times over.

“I don’t have a particular destination in mind.” His gaze was salacious as it raked over me before he returned his attention to the road. “I can’t remember the last time I went out without a full agenda lined up. It’s a free day. Whatever you want to do, baby. I’m with it.”

The miles seemed to pass in a blur. A huge smile stretched my lips when he let the top back, giving us an unobstructed view of nature. The air was crisp and relaxing as it blew through my hair. The extensions from the Gala were long gone so my shoulder-length bob whipped around my head as the car ate up the miles on the road.

After what felt like forever, yet at the same time was too soon, we rolled to a stop. I ran my nails through my hair, freezing when his fingers combed through the back assisting me. I smiled warmly, allowing him to get me right.

“There you go, Medusa.”

I whipped my head to face him, narrowing my gaze as he chortled.

“I’m joking, baby. You look good. Even with your shit all messed up.”

I hit him with the back of my hand, fighting my amusement at his wide smile. He looked young and carefree like this. So often, he looked tense and overworked, much like me. It was good seeing him this way.

I glanced around, finally taking the time to observe where we were. In front of La’Mars, a restaurant I’d heard about from clients but never got the chance to try.

“C’mon. Let me feed you.”



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