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Beneath the Silence Sample #1

Subject to change.

Release Date: TBD




Krystal’s already snail pace on the treadmill slowed as she narrowed her gaze from behind her wide framed glasses. Waist length black locs were pulled back into a tight ponytail, barely moving with her slow ass movements. She was the perfect example of being skinny didn’t necessarily mean someone was athletic.

Krystal couldn’t jog ten feet with becoming gassed.

After listening to her nag about wanting to get in shape, I’d allowed her to join me during my workouts at the A&K Sports Complex. Before agreeing, I’d made her promise not to talk too much or interrupt me.

I really didn’t like being distracted or bothered. She’d agreed but had obviously lied because the longest she’d been able to go without speaking had only been two minutes.

A&K was a huge establishment, owned by three time heavyweight boxing champ, Austin and his wife, Kori. The gym offered memberships to the general public and Kori taught dance classes while Austin did private boxing lessons to exclusive clients, like Verse.

There were other, higher tiered memberships for people who preferred more privacy when working out—like myself—or for professional athletes to train in whatever their sport of choice was.

It was an impressive facility that covered several acres and I didn’t mind paying the hefty price for all the perks included.

Our membership allowed us to bring guests and other than Gia once, I'd never brought anyone with me.

Until now.

While Krystal continued huffing as if she’d actually done something, I eyed the loud as hell outfit she wore. Her affinity for clashing colors was atrocious but we’d accepted long ago that she was either color blind or had a fashion sense that was one of a kind.

Checking my watch for what felt like the hundredth time, I realized that in over half an hour, she was only a quarter of the way to her goal.

I checked my watch again then tensed, spotting movement out the corner of my eye.

A short, stocky man stood in the entrance of the spacious cardio room, face contorted in a scowl as he spoke harshly towards the thick, outrageously curved woman next to him.

She wore tiny shorts and a sports bra, showcasing a sculpted, defined physique that proved she’d have no problem finishing a mile on the treadmill.

Bright yellow socks covered her feet as she stared ahead blankly while he continued his verbal assault on her ears.

She was either unphased by his words or in a deep focus because she showed no reaction. Her face remained cold and detached. Closed off. Much like mine was most of the time.

Tilting my head, I watched as her eyes skated over the room, unseeing as if lost in whatever place she’d gone to in her mind.

Moments later, they continued down the hall.

I’d seen her at the gym before and just like then, she captured my attention to the point that I couldn't look away. Something about her always intrigued me and I could never figure it out.

Curiosity outweighed watching Krystal torture herself on the treadmill so I made the decision to see where they were heading.

Glancing at the mileage on the screen, I grunted, seeing that the numbers had barely moved in the last five minutes. “I’ll be back.”

She waved me off, not paying the least bit of attention as I moved to follow the pair.

It took a few minutes to locate them but the sound of loud slaps and feminine grunts guided me until I entered a room I’d never ventured to before.

In the middle was a large, white octagon shaped ring surrounded by what looked like some sort of flexible fencing. She stood in the center of it, already dripping sweat as she followed the instructions given out by the man who was obviously her trainer.

She was a tiny thing. Maybe 5’4, at the most. But what she lacked in height, she more than made up for in strength and power. The muscles in her legs bulged each time she moved. Her core was strong, displaying tight abs that showed how much work she put into her body.

She was fascinating to watch.

The women I knew either worked out just enough to keep their figures tight or avoided the gym altogether.

But none of them were like this woman. Even the bodyguards I'd hired at HB Corp couldn’t hold a candle to the feminine display of speed, strength, and intensity in front of me.

I lost track of time as I hovered in that doorway, watching from afar as she worked her body until sweat soaked her skin.

Damn. I should take lessons from her.”

I jumped then immediately frowned. I’d been so engrossed in the workout that Krystal’s uncoordinated ass had managed to sneak up on me.

I didn’t like that at all.

Nothing should ever distract me enough to miss someone’s approach. That was a lesson learned early in life. Awareness of my environment had meant the difference between making it safely in the closet before my presence was noticed. Or suffering at the hands of my mother and her boyfriends.

“Find somebody else.” I finally responded.

What? Why?”Her bottom lip poked out and I became painfully aware of her youth at that moment. I was damn near fifteen years older than Krystal, which I sometimes conveniently forgot because of her maturity.

Instead of answering, I swung my gaze back to the woman, once again unable to look away.

What the hell was it about her that not only piqued my interest, but sent a warning through my mind to proceed with caution?

As she jabbed towards her trainer’s padded hands with speed and precision that could rival some of the greatest boxers I’d ever seen, I made a decision to find out more.

I couldn’t pinpoint what it was but there was something about her that made me pay attention and for once, instead of ignoring any urges that weren’t purely sexual towards the opposite sex, I decided to indulge.

Anyone who looked like that, fought like that, and could hold me captive with interest was definitely someone I needed to know more about.

And that’s exactly what I planned to do.



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