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Between Sneak Peek

Unedited and subject to change.

Release Date: January 31, 2021

He was too damn close.

Since starting a few minutes ago, he hadn’t said more than five words. His bent head was inches from my breasts, hand moving in short, tight circles as he worked the stain remover into my dress. He’d insisted on doing it, so I propped against the countertop in the guest bathroom, watching him focus on the task. Of course, I didn’t need his help but had to admit having his hands on me was a pleasant experience.

“Hop up.” He finally broke the silence before grabbing under my arms and placing me on the counter. I latched on his arms before releasing when he gave me a long look. 

His eyes stayed on mine until he reached under the hem of my short skirt, scrubbing at the stain. Each stroke pressed his knuckles against the inside of my thigh, inches from my throbbing core.

The temperature seemed to rise as I fought to hold my moans at bay. My efforts were successful until he moved higher, hand bumping right against the thin material of my underwear.

I couldn’t hold back a low moan. My cheeks heated when he froze, eyes trailing up my torso before meeting my gaze. We remained like that, staring at one another before he pressed his fingertips between my legs. I gasped, spreading my thighs briefly before slamming them closed when he thumbed the edge of my panties.

“You trying to tell me something?” His tone was low and throaty, cool breath fanning against my face. A crooked smile gave me an unobstructed view of his dimple, and I squeezed my thighs tighter around his wrist. His free hand grabbed my knee, caressing the smooth skin there before widening me to his liking.

Again, those fingers pressed boldly against the damp fabric between my thighs, eliciting another low moan.

The intensity of the moment set my insides on fire while his eyes swooped over me like a predator eyeing its next meal.

“Hurry up, yo!”

We jumped apart, eyes shooting toward the knock coming from the locked door.

What the hell was wrong with me? I’d let my coworker, albeit a fine ass one, feel me up in his cousin’s bathroom. I was too damn old to have lusty moments in public places. Especially with someone I worked with.

I jumped down from the counter, tensing when he stepped closer rather than giving me space. He cupped the side of my thigh, broad chest brushing against the pebbled peaks of my breasts.


I averted my gaze, suddenly finding interest in the shower curtain behind him. I needed to refortify my walls and regain control over myself before Silas had me ass up, face down in Miller’s bathroom.

“Excuse me,” I said, hoping to ease around him without incident. He allowed me to pass but latched on to my wrist before I unlocked the door. I paused but didn’t turn, afraid I’d embarrass myself. His presence was too distracting, scent too intoxicating, physicality too imposing, and sexual prowess too commanding.

If I faced him, I knew there was no way I’d walk away. His lust, which surprised the hell out of me, was at full force, filling the surrounding space, making it hard to breathe.

“Please let me go, Silas.” The quiver in my voice betrayed me, revealing I wasn’t as unaffected as I was pretending to be.

Instead, the silence became thick and mocking, baiting either of us to give in to our urges.

I breathed a sigh of relief when he released me.

I’d driven rather than riding with Elle, so I could sneak out without her seeing me and retreat to the safety of my home, where I would spend the rest of the night attempting to ease the lust he’d sparked in me. Mister Biggs was once again going to get his ass worked out.

“You don’t have to go,” he said just as I turned the knob. My lids collapsed when seconds later, his warm chest pressed against my back. Thankfully, he kept his hands to himself. If he wanted, all he had to do was slide his hands across the seat of my panties to see how badly I didn’t want to leave.

“It’s three other bathrooms in here. They can use another one.” His lips caressed my ear with each word. “Or we can ditch this shit and finish somewhere else.”

I had to get the fuck out of here.

He had me ready to agree to go wherever he wanted, especially if it ended with me sitting on the hard dick pressed against the curve of my ass.

I was seconds away from caving when more knocking vibrated through the door. My shoulders sagged, and I took that opportunity to escape, ignoring the surprised look on Miller’s face when he stepped back to let me pass.

I couldn’t take this intensity. If I had to spend time around him at work in the coming days, I’d for sure embarrass myself.

Probably would end up bent over my desk on my lunch break.

Thank God he was going out of town and I wouldn’t have to see him for two weeks. I needed that time away from him to get a rein on whatever the hell was going on and snap out of it.



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