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Thoughts on Between

This is my attempt at pre-release thoughts for my debut book, Between. I considered recording it but then I remember that I’d have to edit it and upload it to YouTube so... I figured this was easier, especially since I’m using dictation rather than typing.

The characters are Bliss and Silas. They work together at Moore & Moore Financial Services; Bliss as a and Silas as a quality assurance coordinator. Bliss had been there for a long, long time and Silas started less than two years ago. During that time, the two of them tap-danced around their attraction for each other until one of them finally makes the first move.

Their story appeared out of nowhere, and since I hadn’t planned on it, I’d assumed that I would struggle with getting words down. But I actually ended up writing the entire first draft, which was around 6,700 words, in about 3 hours.

I was in the middle of working out the details of a book about Silas’ first cousin, Love, when his story took over. From the beginning, I knew this wouldn’t be a full-length novel, or even a novella. I’m honestly surprised the final draft ended up with 9,600 words because my intention had been to cap it at 7,500 but I write whatever my characters give me so…

I enjoyed writing this story because it was a quick escape from the larger project that I’d been working on for a few weeks. I’d hit a roadblock and couldn’t figure out what the hell my characters wanted, so diving head first into Bliss and Silas’ story gave me a much needed break.

Back in September 2020, I’d created a mock writing and release schedule for 2021. It included all the books I wanted to publish and a rough estimate of deadlines I need to stick to in order to stay on schedule.

At the time I’d made the schedule, Between wasn’t even on my radar. Silas’ cousin, Love, and her journey was my primary focus and Silas’ initial purpose was to serve as a side character in her story and nothing more.

Because I follow the voices of my characters that are the loudest, Bliss and Silas jumped to the front of the line. Sometimes, as a creative, we just have to toss our plans to the side and go with the flow.

Though Between is my published book, it’s definitely not the first book I’ve written, but it is my first published story and I’m so excited to change my title from writer to author.

Since this is my first official release, I’ll be offering 15 free eBook copies of Between. If you click here, it’ll direct to the download page. The free book will distribute through Bookfunnel as an epub and mobi file.

If you enjoy the book, or even if you don’t, I would love to hear your feedback. The best way to do that is, of course, by leaving a review on Amazon.

The download link also gives you the option to sign-up for my newsletter. It’s not required to receive the free eBook, but I would suggest signing up if you want to be the first know about new releases, giveaway, sales, and more.

Again, if you’re interested in a free copy, click here. If there aren’t any free copies left, you can also click here to purchase on Amazon or borrow from KU. I look forward to reading your reviews.



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