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Beta Readers Sign-Up


I currently have open slots available for BETA Readers!


Before submitting the form, I ask that you read the information below in its entirety. Many people confuse BETA Readers and ARC Reviewers so I have provided brief definitions below.  


ARC Reviewers

  • An ARC Reviewer receives an advanced, free copy of a manuscript, (usually prior to its release date) in exchange for an honest, timely review. ARC Reviewers typically receive their copy 2-4 weeks before the release of the novel. They are expected to leave their honest review on Amazon and/or Goodreads within the first seven days of publication. 


If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, click here to be redirected to my ARC Sign-Up form.




BETA Readers

  • A BETA Reader provides feedback on a manuscript before it is released. The author then considers this feedback while making revisions to the manuscript. In some cases, the author will have the manuscript sent to the BETA Reader for another round of feedback. BETA Readers are expected to give an honest opinion on plot, conflict, characterization, pacing, dialogue, and the novel as a whole.   


If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, you're in the right place! Keep reading for more detailed information and expectations of a BETA Reader.


I'll be the first to say that being a BETA Reader can take a lot of time and energy. It's not as simple as reading a book and saying whether you like or dislike it. The feedback provided is given during the editing stages of a novel and will be evaluated to help make my book better. I ask that only those who have a genuine love for reading fill out the form below. 



Below is the information that is given to all BETA Readers. If you are chosen to be a BETA Reader, then this information will be sent to you in an email as a reference.



  • Above everything else, your honest opinion is what I am looking for. Whether you loved, hated, or just couldn't get into the story, I will value and respect your opinion. No author (at least none who take their craft seriously) wants to give their readers a bad experience. Through your unbiased opinion, I hope to mold and craft a story that will leave all readers, you included, with a satisfying experience.


  • If at any time during the process you realize that this isn't something that you can stay committed to, please feel free to let me know. As I stated before, it takes a lot of time and energy to be a BETA Reader and I will respect your decision. If you choose to remove yourself from being a BETA Reader, you will be asked if you would like to have your name removed from future consideration.


  • BETA Readers are kept on an email list that's separate from my mailing list. The only correspondence you will receive is regarding the manuscript that you applied for. I will respect your privacy and never release the information you provided nor will it be used for SPAM. If you wish to join my newsletter and receive updates on new releases, cover reveals, giveaways and more... fill out the "Subscribe" form in the top right corner of this page.


  • BETAs are asked to provide feedback in a timely manner. The turnaround schedule will vary based on length of the manuscript.  Deadlines will be provided in advance of material being sent.

  • BETA Readers will be given the option of receiving the manuscript as a PDF, Word document, or EPUB file. If you choose Word, please note that the manuscript will be locked so that the only changes that can be made will be in the form of comments. It's my preferred method of editing but as I stated before, the choice is yours. 


  • Any BETA material is copyrighted and belongs to the author. Any reproduction, pirating or plagiarism of the author's work is grounds for legal action.


  • Though I plan to expand my writing horizons to different genres at a later date, I currently write contemporary adult fiction which predominately features Black characters. My novels contain profanity and explicit scenes, so please be take this into consideration before signing up. 


  • Though I love a good HEA (happily ever after) like most romance readers, that will not always be the case in my novels. Some can be enjoyed as a standalone or leave off with a cliffhanger that sets up the next book in a series. You will be made aware beforehand whether the novel is part of a series.


  • I encourage anyone who's never read any of my work to visit my Books List and read the sneak peeks posted for my published novels. Please read through a few of those to determine if my writing style is for you.


  • If you would like your name removed from the BETA Readers list at any point, feel free to send me an email at



Whew. That was a lot. Hope you're still interested. If so, complete the form below. Your information will automatically be added to my BETA Readers consideration list. If you're selected, an email will be sent to you for additional information. 


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